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This ping….. can destroy the universe

This ping….. can destroy the universe

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#i put on my glasses and i go: hd
#i remember one time
#i was on the bus with smokedelin
#and we both are shortsighted
#and after 5 bus stops later we didn't notice we were next to each other
#we dropped at her stop laughing at our stupidity


without glasses: 


with glasses: 


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#i rather eat a wall
#failing so much at getting directions

Gotta blame Edge for making me quit KH when i defeated Oogie Boogie ;v; so didn’t save and have to defeat it again (Just kidding, don’t mind defeating it again)
Still it was so much fun playing Corpse Party with her ♥
We have to continue that game ;)  

Actually i would clear these kind of games faster if i stop getting lost on maps. So ridiculous you get to see me running in circles most of the time.

More ridiculous yet because i already cleared in the past, still get lost.

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trying to get a friends attention like


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#i was like that
#nobody cared
#and everything turned into void
#those people lost the privilege to be my friends
#i don't know why i even tried to help them
#when i was the one drowning


I’ve got a friend and they mean a lot to me.

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i hate it when u stop being friends w someone or u break up w someone cos uve got all this information about them like at the back of ur mind like their birthday or their favorite game or whatever, and even years later things will come up and you’ll think about that person and its like. oh. and it never really Stops

so basically things don’t get better

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#that or getting a virus that freezes their computers so they can't turn it on again
#so many people on my mind


Don’t wish death upon your enemies wish for them to have this for the rest of their life 


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wear a different perfume when you commit murder fuckin amateurs 

also wear shoes that aren’t your actual size and use gloves if you have to touch anything

what the hell is this here? A how-to-commit-the-perfect-crime??

helping others is always nice

also if you know someone you can’t stand leave some of their hair at the crime scene

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